gluten free products you didn't know about product review list

10 Gluten Free Products You Didn’t Know About

Here’s a list of various food products I recently found out about or have been loving that are gluten free. Some of these products are brand new and some have been around for a while (but are new to me). I’ve tasted and enjoyed every one of these gluten free products. None of this is sponsored, it’s just my honest opinions.

*Please note: All of the listed products are free of gluten-containing ingredients. However, if cross-contamination is an issue, you may need to do additional research to ensure the product is safe for you.

gluten free products you didn't know about product review list

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10 Gluten Free Products

I love finding new gluten free products. Living life with food allergies can feel limiting at times. Thankfully so many great companies are coming out with some amazing products. Anytime I find a new product it’s like opening the door to more food freedom. Below you’ll find a list of products I recently found out about and I really enjoy.

Have you already tried these products? If so, what do you think of them? Or do you have other new found favorites that aren’t on my list? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear from you.

1. Safe + Fair Birthday Cake Granola

This stuff is so tasty. Anything with sprinkles is a win for me. Even better, these sprinkles are food coloring free. This granola is like little chunks of heaven. If you’re interested in trying this granola, Safe + Fair has offered my followers 20% off with code, “eatordrink20”.

gluten free birthday cake granola review

2. Siete Foods Ranch Flavored Tortilla Chips

These chips have been around for a while now, but I just recently fell back in love with them. They’re a bit pricey but if you can get them on sale (like I did) they’re the best! Not only are they gluten free, they’re also grain free and vegan.

3. Simple Mills Fine Ground Sea Salt Almond Flour Crackers

I’m obsessed with these grain free crackers. They have such an amazing texture and a delicious flavor. These are my go-to snack lately.

4. Otto’s Cassava Flour

I had to include this awesome stuff on my list. I recently tried Otto’s Cassava Flour and absolutely love it. It’s so easy to work with. Usually when making gluten free baked goods you have to create a blend of flours. When working with cassava flour, all you need is the cassava flour! You can find a tasty recipe I made with cassava flour here – Grain Free Biscuits.

grain free biscuits cassava flour recipe buttermilk biscuit vegan paleo

5. Safe + Fair Sweet and Salty Kettle Popcorn Quinoa Chips

My long time favorite snack has been Popcorners kettle corn chips. Well, those got the boot when I tried these Safe + Fair Kettle Popcorn Quinoa Chips. They are incredible. They have so much more flavor and texture from the quinoa. I’m obsessed. Again, if you make a Safe + Fair order be sure to use my 20% off code, “eatordrink20”.

sweet and salt kettle chips safe and fair product review

6. Bhu Keto White Chocolate Macadamia Cookie Dough Bars

Guys, these are perfection. These are the best refrigerated-protein bar I’ve ever had. I can’t believe they are sugar free, gluten free, keto friendly, and vegan. They seriously taste like cookie dough. You need to try these.

bhu keto protein bar product review gluten free

7. Coco Bakes Sourdough Bread

Ok, this bread is a bit pricey. I’ll be the first to admit that. But if you’re ready to treat yourself this is the perfect thing to buy. This gluten free sourdough bread is incredible. It will make you forget you’re gluten free.

8. Amy’s Kitchen Vietnamese Banh Mi Wrap

Amy’s Kitchen recently came out with some more gluten free frozen wraps. This one is so delicious. It has so much flavor and I love the soft texture of the wrap.

amy's banh mi wrap gluten free review

9. Green Mustache Cheddarish Crackers

These crackers will have you saying Goldfish who? Not only are they gluten free, they’re also vegan, AND loaded with veggies. They are the perfect snack for you or your kiddos.

green mustache gluten free crackers product review

10. Off the Eaten Path Veggie Crisps

These things are so crunchy, salty, and perfect. They contain rice, peas, and black beans and are basically the perfect snack.

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