11 apple recipes for fall 3 bonus savory recipes

Allergy-Friendly Apple Recipes for Fall

The ultimate list of Allergy Friendly Apple Recipes for Fall. This list contains 11 Sweet Apple Recipes and 3 Bonus Savory Apple Recipes. All of these recipes are gluten free, dairy free, soy free, egg free, and peanut-free. They are also suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Close your eyes for one second and let me take you somewhere that just screams Fall. Actually, don’t close your eyes. You need them to read. Ok here we go, you’re outside walking next to your friends. Your nose feels the crisp cold weather that’s been sweeping in. And ideas are swirling in your head as you try to think of recipes for that big bag of apples you’re lugging around. Where are you? Apple picking of course! That’s right guys, apple recipes are a huge part of Fall. Especially if you live in Upstate NY like me.

11 apple recipes for fall 3 bonus savory recipes

Today I’m sharing the absolute best list for Fall. It’s time for apple EVERYTHING. Apple sauce, apple pie, apple waffles, and even some bonus savory apple recipes.

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These Fall Apple Recipes are Allergy-Friendly

What do I mean by that? This means they are suitable for those avoiding some of the top food allergies. This includes gluten, dairy, soy, egg, and peanuts. Just because you have food allergies does not mean you have to miss out on the flavors of Fall. Everyone can enjoy these gluten free apple recipes.

Don’t have food allergies? That’s ok! Not only are these recipes allergy-friendly, but all of these apple recipes are vegan. Just because a recipe is labeled allergy-friendly doesn’t mean it’s not delicious. And if you’re making food for a group it’s always nice to have an allergy-friendly or vegan option on hand.

Sweet Apple Recipes for Fall

I have connected with some awesome food bloggers to create this tasty list of Apple Recipes for Fall. To be taken to the original recipe post just hit the bolded recipe name.

1. Healthy Applesauce Recipe – This all-natural applesauce is very easy to make, and needs only 3 ingredients and no added sweetener.

sugar free applesauce fall recipe
Healthy Applesauce Recipe

2. Gluten Free Apple Fritter Waffles – These gluten free apple fritter waffles are easy and delicious. The perfect gluten free apple recipe. It’s like biting into a carnival treat for breakfast.

gluten free apple waffles
Gluten Free Apple Fritter Waffles

3. Healthy Apple Crisp – This refined sugar-free apple crisp recipe is made with fresh seasonal apples, walnuts, rolled oats, and ground cinnamon.

walnut apple crisp fall recipe
Healthy Apple Crisp

4. Air Fryer Apple Chips -These sweet chips are delicious, healthy, and made with just 3 ingredients. And no sugar or oil making them a guilt-free treat.

air fryer apple chips fall recipe
Air Fryer Apple Chips

5. Crumb Topped Apple Pie – This is my go-to Apple Pie Recipe come Fall. It’s flavorful and has the perfect gluten free crust.

gluten free vegan apple pie recipe
Crumb Topped Apple Pie

6. Apple Crisp Foil Packets – These grilled apple foil packets can be made on the campfire, grill or simply baked in the oven.

campfire apple crisp foil packets
Apple Crisp Foil Packets

7. Steel Cut Oatmeal Baked Apples – This simple maple pecan, vegan breakfast will make you feel warm and cozy all morning long.

gluten free steel cut oatmeal apple recipe
Steel Cut Oatmeal Baked Apples

8. Gluten-Free Vegan Apple Cake – This cake is perfectly spiced and packed full of sweet juicy apples. And even better, it’s refined sugar-free.

fall apple recipe gluten free vegan cake
Gluten Free Vegan Apple Cake

9. Oil-Free Apple Rings – These rings look like donuts but they are actually juicy apple slices dipped in a 3-ingredient batter and fried like a pancake.

apple rings allergy free fall recipe
Oil-Free Apple Rings

10. Homemade Spiced Apple Cider – A classic fall drink with a citrus twist! Made in a slow cooker this cider recipe infuses the flavors to perfection.

apple cider gluten free vegan allergy friendly recipe
Homemade Spiced Apple Cider

11. Vegan Apple Meringue – A unique vegan dessert with all the Fall flavors. Stewed apples are topped with a fluffy cloud of meringue that’s completely vegan.

vegan apple meringue recipe fall allergy free
Vegan Apple Meringue

3 Bonus Savory Recipes

1. Banana Apple Curry Soup – A sweet, spicy, and delicious use of apples. It’s the perfect rich, comforting soup.

banana apple curry soup savory apple fall recipe
Banana Apple Curry Soup

2. Apple Curry – Try this apple curry to shake up your weeknight dinners! This unusual dish will blow you away with its combination of sweet and spicy.

allergy friendly vegan fall curry savory recipe
Apple Curry

3. Beet Apple Salad with Maple Vinaigrette – This beet apple salad with maple vinaigrette is incredibly easy to make and packed with autumnal flavors.

savory beet apple salad
Beet Apple Salad

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