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Living with Food Allergies is NOT More Expensive (VIDEO)

by Emily Meyer

Find out why I think living with food allergies is NOT more expensive and get my 5 money-saving tips. As a woman who’s lived with over 5 allergies and sensitivities most of my life, I’ve really learned how to keep my grocery bill even lower than someone without any allergies at all.

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Enjoy this video to find out why I really don’t think food allergies are what’s making your grocery bill fly through the roof. If your grocery bill has gone up since finding out about your food allergies then it might be time to reevaluate what you’re purchasing.

In this video, I’ll share why food allergies are not more expensive and I’ll give you 5 money-saving tips to make that true.

On average my grocery bill is only 200-300/month for 2 adults and a 1-year-old. That’s only about 65-70 dollars/month. I know people that don’t even have food allergies spending far about that on their weekly groceries and food. That’s why I believe, it’s less about food allergies and more about budgeting and planning. Having food allergies does NOT have to make you break your budget.

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