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Young Boy Making the Best of His Food Allergies

by Emily Meyer

The main reason I created Eat or Drink was to help others with allergies find joy in food again. Instead of living a life of frustration, I hope Eat or Drink can help make your allergies a little bit easier. I believe whenever God allows ongoing health issues into our lives (like food allergies) we have two choices. We can live life with our head hung low or we can make the best of what we’ve been handed and maybe even use our struggles to help others. And the latter is exactly what a 4th grader named Matthew has done with his food allergies. I wanted to share his amazing invention and shine a light on this sweet boy who’s truly making the best of his food allergies.

Matthew at His Invention Convention

Matthew’s Story

I found out about Matthew’s story just a few days ago. I’m a member of many different food allergy support groups on Facebook and that’s where I saw Cuyla’s post. Behind every child dealing with food allergies is an awesome mom (and/or dad!) fighting the battle along with them. Cuyla is Matthew’s Mom and is now helping him with this wonderful new project.

Our son has had a peanut allergy all of his life. He is now in 4th grade and he had to create an invention for school that affects his life somehow. He has designed Allergy Sticky Notes for when we go out to eat at a restaurant. He asks the waiter/waitress to please give the note to the chef with his order. Every chef at the restaurants so far has written him a note back letting him know that they are being extra careful when making his food at the restaurant. This really has boosted his self-confidence when eating out. We wanted to share this invention with all of you.

– Matthew’s Mom, Cuyla
Here’s Matthew’s Experience with Using his Allergy Sticky Notes

Matthew is a really great example of how we can all turn our challenges into gifts. Instead of letting his food allergies keep him down he is letting them fuel his creativity. Not only will these Allergy Sticky Notes help an individual with allergies, they will also help spread food allergy awareness to restaurants. Most restaurants don’t understand how serious an allergy can be. Hopefully after receiving these sticky notes, chefs will be more thoughful in the future as they prepare food for people with food allergies.

A New Kind of Food Allergy Cards

If you have food allergies you may have heard of food allergy cards. There are a lot of different types available, but a little entrepreneur named Matthew made his extra special. Matthew made food allergy cards in the form of sticky notes. He calls them Allergy Sticky Notes with the clever catchphrase, “They are a Sticky Situation”. You can purchase these notes in packs which he calls Allergy Sticky Kits. You can customize your note if need be or buy already created templates. The best selling Allergy Sticky Kit is the Restaurant Box. The restaurant box is designed to share with your loved ones or your favorite restaurants – it comes with a pack of general sticky notes, allergy awareness pen and sucker, order form, and thank you letter.

For More Information & To Purchase

For more information and to purchase your own Allergy Sticky Kit head over to the website Matthew and Cuyla created. Just click here to be taken to their website now. Also, be sure to like their FB Page!

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