15 popular halloween candies that are dairy free

15 Popular Halloween Candies that are Dairy Free

If you recently found out you or your kiddos have to be dairy free you might be a little lost. Luckily, Halloween doesn’t have to be over. Here’s a list of some classic trick or treating candies that do not contain any dairy. Bonus, I’ve also noted which ones do not contain gluten.

*Common Sense Disclaimer* As always with product lists like this, I want to remind you that my list should only be a jumping-off point. While I did not see any dairy ingredients in any of these products I always advise you to check the ingredients label yourself, especially if you need to avoid cross-contamination.

Unfortunately when you go dairy free the typical chocolate candy bars are a loss. But luckily there are so many dairy free candy options that are still very popular for Halloween. Things like Starburst, Air Heads, and even Skittles are all naturally dairy free. Whether you’re buying candy to pass out on Halloween or want to have some options at home for yourself or your kiddos, this list has something for everyone.

15 popular halloween candies that are dairy free

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15 Popular Halloween Candies that are Dairy Free

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1. Twizzlers

They’re not too sweet, great at movies, and fun to rip apart with your teeth. Yes, Twizzlers are dairy free.


2. Skittles

One of my personal favorites. These sweet circles have the best texture and all the best flavors. They’re dairy free and gluten free.


3. Starburst

These little squares pack a juicy punch. Are you a pink fan or a red fan? I’m all for pink! This classic Halloween candy is completely dairy free and gluten free.


4. AirHeads

A popular twist on salt-water taffy. AirHeads are a great find for dairy free trick or treaters on Halloween. They are also gluten free.


5. No Whey Milkless Bars

Maybe you won’t find these Trick or Treating but you can buy a big bag for your kids or pass out at your teal pumpkin house. These milkless creamy chocolates are dairy free and gluten free great for most allergy-free kids on Halloween.


6. Garden Veggie Chips – Ghosts & Bats

Here’s another great option to have for your allergy-free kiddos. These healthy(er) chips have a fun twist for Halloween. Even better, they’re dairy free and gluten free.


7. Haribo Gummy Gold Bears

I’ve always been a gummy bear girl on Halloween. Maybe it’s because they’re shaped like bears or maybe it’s because they’re dairy free. These gummy bears are a great dairy free treat.


8. Sweet Tarts Original

Another great Halloween go-to for any kid with a dairy allergy. Many houses give out Sweet Tarts and lucky for us they are completely dairy free and gluten free.


9. Smarties

I can’t guarantee Smarties will make you smarter. But I can tell you they are dairy free and gluten free.


10. Sour Patch Kids

First, they’re sour, then they’re sweet. Because these little guys are dairy free and gluten free and a great choice for Halloween.


11. Double Bubble

I’ve never really considered bubble gum a great Halloween candy. But when I was a kid my mom loved taking it from our bags. If you have a Double Bubble fan they can continue to enjoy, because they are dairy free and gluten free.


12. Nerds

Another top favorite of mine. Nerds are the perfect candy. Little, sweet, and crunchy. It’s all you need. Plus they are dairy free and gluten free.


13. Swedish Fish

Are you a fan of these bright red fish gummies? Tell your kids to grab some when this Halloween. Yes, Swedish Fish are dairy free and gluten free.


14. LifeSaver Gummies

Have I mentioned I’m a gummies fan? These delicious Life Saver Gummies are dairy free and gluten free.


15. Enjoy Life Halloween Chocolates

Another great dairy free candy that your kids will love. Enjoy Life is a great option if your kids need a dedicated allergy free facility. Enjoy Life chocolates are dairy free and gluten free.


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