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The Best Store-Bought Gluten Free Back To School Snacks

This is a list of some of the best store-bought snacks to send with your kid when they go back to school. These snacks are filling, (mostly) healthy, and easy to pack in your child’s backpack. Since I am also free of dairy, soy, eggs, and peanuts a lot of these suggestions will also fit those dietary needs.

Your kids are going to love these Gluten Free Back to School Snacks. And let’s be honest, you will too. These snacks are all perfect for your children to bring to school. They’re also great for you to bring to work. The majority of them are in small bags that are easy to fit in their backpack or lunch box. They are all gluten free and some of them are also vegan-friendly.

Be sure to check out my post from last year titled, 13 Gluten Free School Snacks (Homemade + Store-bought). That post features store-bought and homemade back to school snacks. I still enjoy and would recommend all of those snacks but have found many new favorites since then.

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15 Gluten Free Back To School Snacks

Please note all of these snacks have gluten free ingredients. I am not sure if any of them are labeled with cross-contamination warnings so please do your own research if that is necessary. A lot of the snacks on my list are also dairy free, soy free, egg free, peanut free and vegan-friendly but again please check the ingredients to ensure that is the case.

Where to Buy these Back to School Snacks? Click on the title of any of these gluten free snacks and you’ll be taken to a place to purchase them. A lot of them link to Amazon because you can usually find the best price.

If the link takes you to Amazon please note I’m part of the amazon affiliate program. That simply means at no extra cost to you I earn a very small commission when you purchase through my link. Of course, I never share something just to make $$ I’m only sharing the snacks that I really do enjoy.

1. PopCorners Variety Pack

Let’s start with a classic favorite gluten free snack. If you need back to school snacks this is the perfect variety pack to have on hand. It’s great if you have multiple kids with different favorite flavors too!

2. Mini GoMacro Bars

GoMacro bars are awesome. The mini bars are especially great for a great little snack at school. If your kids like bars for back to school snacks then they’ll love these. These gluten free snacks are perfect.

3. Green Mustache Snacks

Once again I am including Green Mustache Snacks on a favorite gluten free snacks list. While all the other kids are munching on goldfish your kids will be munching on gluten and dairy free mustache crackers. So fun!

4. Harvest Snaps

We all know kids and vegetables don’t always get along. These gluten free snacks will definitely change that. These Harvest Snaps are so tasty your kids won’t even know they’re eating a vegetable.

5. Home Free Cookies Mini Bags

Got an A+ on a test? Then it’s cookie time! Every kid needs some delicious gluten free cookies now and then. These ones are incredible. They’re crunchy little bites of goodness.

6. Enjoy Life Seed & Fruit Packs

These things are so tasty and an easy snack to bring to school. They’re filled with dried fruit, seeds, and mini dairy free chocolate chips. It’s a great snack option if you have a peanut free classroom.

7. GimMe Seaweed Snack

I love seaweed snacks. They’re so simple and healthy. Naturally gluten free and an easy snack to bring to school.

8. Schar Table Crackers

Gluten free snacks don’t always have to be crazy. Sometimes it’s nice just to have a simple cracker. These crackers come in little packs of 2 inside making them easy to pop in a lunch box or backpack.

9. Bhuja Snack Mix

These snack mixes are gluten free and so delicious. The bags aren’t too big so if you need back to school snacks these are perfect to pack along.

10. Goodie Girl Animal Crackers

But like, are you even in school if you don’t have animal crackers? Even if your kiddos are gluten free they can still bring some tasty animal crackers to school. Gluten free snacks are really stepping it up these days.

11. Nairn’s Gluten Free Oat Grahams

This was another one of my favorite gluten free snacks to bring when I was in college. If you need good back to school snacks look no further. These cookies are perfect because they really aren’t too sweet and they’re actually quite filling.

12. Gr8 Bakes Oatmeal Jam Bars

Not a baker, no problem. You can still send your kids to school with some homemade treats! I recently got sent some samples of these amazing oatmeal jam bars. They are seriously incredible and you can tell they are made with so much love and care.

13. Dang Coconut Chips

Your kids will love these Dang Coconut Chips. They’re naturally a gluten free snack because it’s just coconut shreds. I like the original flavor but there are lots of different flavors to try.

14. Lance Gluten Free Sandwich Crackers

Lance crackers are delicious. If your kids miss Ritz crackers then they’ll love these. These are classic back to school snacks made gluten free and still so tasty.

15. Annie’s Gluten Free Cheddar Bunny Tail Crackers

If you’re kids aren’t dairy free and want a tasty gluten free snack replacement for cheeze-its or gold fish these are great!

I hope you enjoyed this list of back to school snacks. All of these gluten free snacks are delicious and would be so easy to send with your kids to school.

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