vegan just egg product review

Vegan Egg Just Egg Product Review

The purpose of this post is to share my honest opinion of the new vegan egg product, “Just Egg”. Find out whether or not I would recommend this product. This Just Egg Product Review is non-bias, not paid for, and simply based on my own taste buds and opinions. If you have tried the egg and feel differently than me, please let us know in the comments down below.

If you have an egg allergy like me or are vegan then you have probably heard of the newest vegan scrambled egg product by the “Just” company. This is the same company that brought us the only reasonably priced vegan mayonnaise that you can find at Walmart. They also created some delicious vegan dressings – if you haven’t tried their ranch then you definitely have to. This year they invented the Just Egg. It has VERY slowly been popping up in restaurants and stores throughout the country. I know many people are still waiting for it to pop up in a store near them. It finally showed up in a store near me and I immediately bought two bottles. Keep reading to find out my honest review of the Just Egg.

Just Egg Product Review

I’m going to dive into a few categories with this Just Egg Product Review. We’re going to talk about the texture, taste, and price tag. I’m going to rate each of these categories out of 10 and share some of my thoughts and opinions. I’ll also share my recipe suggestions at the end.


Rating: 9/10

The texture is very similar to scrambled eggs. I really have few complaints in regards to the texture. If you have previously tried the Follow Your Heart fake egg this has a far better texture. I remember the Follow Your Heart fake egg had a weird watery and gooey texture. The Just Egg, on the other hand, has a very fluffy texture that will definitely remind you of real scrambled eggs. It’s not 100% perfect, but for an eggless scrambled egg, it’s pretty darn close.

vegan just egg product review


Rating: 5/10

You can see my rating is not very high for taste. I’m a bit torn though. The rating is low because it just does not taste very much like real eggs. It actually has a very strong chicken flavor. Almost like chicken flavored ramen noodles. I actually don’t mind the taste, but if you’re craving something that tastes exactly like eggs this probably won’t hit the mark.

Price Tag

Rating: 1/10

I have only found the Just Egg at our local natural health food store. It was priced at $9.00 (and some change). I was shocked by the price. Especially considering that the rest of Just products are very reasonably priced, I was hoping this would be the same. Now I will say, our local health food store always has high prices because they are a small business. I am curious if the price is lower at larger grocery stores. Please let us know in the comments what you have seen the Just Egg priced at.

Final Conclusion: Would I recommend the Just Egg?

Here’s the big question, would I recommend the Just Egg? The simple answer is no. At least not at the $9.00 price tag. I just could not justify paying $9.00 for a bottle that only yields 2-3 servings of scrambled eggs. That’s just crazy to me. Now did I enjoy eating this vegan scrambled egg, yes I didn’t mind it. However, for $9.00 a bottle my mind has to be blown and unfortunately, it was not. I will say if they do start selling in stores like Walmart and the price tag is closer to $6.00 I would definitely recommend this product. Even though the flavor was not perfect, I did enjoy having the texture of scrambled eggs in my quesadillas. If the price tag was closer to $6.00 I would definitely buy a bottle of this Just Egg every once and while.

vegan just egg review

Suggested Recipes for the Just Egg

If you do want to buy the Just Egg and try it out for yourself I have a few suggestions. Since the Just Egg does not taste very much like a real egg, you probably won’t want to eat these scrambled eggs on their own. I would, however, suggest eating this eggless scrambled eggs in the following ways…

  • Breakfast Quesadilla or Burritto
  • Breakfast Sandwich
  • Scrambled with Homefries
  • Scrambled with Veggies and Meat or Meat Substitute
  • Fried Rice

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