3 free printables for toddlers ages 2-4

3 FREE Printable Activities for Toddlers – Preschool Learning Tools

Do you want some fun and FREE printable activities for your toddler? Create your own free busy book with these printable activities. Whether you plan to homeschool or just want more at-home learning tools, these free printables for toddlers are great for any 2-4 year old. Have fun while learning about fruits & veggies, animals, numbers, and more!

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Free Printable Activities for Toddlers

3 free printables for toddlers ages 2-4

Whether you homeschool or just want more learning games for your toddler, free printable activities are a great way to go. I started making these for my daughter (who’s almost 3) and she absolutely loves sitting down and playing with them. At this age especially, there’s no need to spend a lot on educational tools. These free printable activities are a great way to entertain your 2-3-year-olds and focus on some early learning subjects.

Toddlers are busy! That’s why I like to make printable activities that not only get them thinking but get them interacting as they move the pieces around with their hands. My busy girl gets very engaged with these free printable activities.

This is a new category of blog post for me, if you’re interested in more free printable activities for toddlers or want more homeschool-focused blog posts for preschool age, let me know in the comments! 🙂

Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Free Printable Activities

Of course, these are free and you can go ahead right now, print them, and cut them out as is! However, I do have some tips on making them last and my favorite way to store them.

storing free print activities in a binder

Laminate your Prints

I’m not one to spend money when free is an option. But if you plan to make a lot of these free toddler printable activities, spend the 25 bucks for a laminator. It makes the activities last! I got one of the cheaper ones on Amazon and it’s worked great. You can click here to find the Willing Brand Laminator that I use on Amazon, it’s currently listed at $25.49. You will need to buy laminator paper as well either at your local office store or again, Amazon to the rescue – 100 sheets for just $8.79.

Use a Paper Cutter

While not necessary, a paper cutter will make your job a little bit easier when you have to cut out the little pieces that go along with each of these activities. You can get cheap paper cutters on Amazon for just $9.99, and yes the one I’m linking to is pink because I thought that was cute.

Make Your Own Busy Book by Storing Activities in a Binder

As I continue to make more of these free printable activities for toddlers, I want them to be easy to access for my little girl. Essentially I’m creating a “busy book” for her that she can pull out and dig into any time she wants. I keep each of these activities in a 1-inch binder that’s filled with those clear sheet protector folders. Each activity sheet and any accompanying little pieces go right into a folder. When she wants to play she can pull out the binder and grab one of the activities.

free printable activities for toddlers in a busy book binder

I suggest just going to your local office store and shopping the discount section. You can usually find cheap binders and the sheet protectors aren’t too pricey either. Or if you don’t want to get up, let’s do Amazon again. Clear sheet protector folders are $8.14/100 and 1-inch binders are $3.89 or less.

3 FREE Printable Activities for Toddlers

With all that said, let’s get right into the free printables I created for you and your little ones to enjoy. I’ll also include some tips on how I like to engage with my (almost) 3-year-old to help her think and learn as we play.

free printable activities for toddlers ages 2-3

Inside Vs. Outside Learning Activity

This is a really easy activity for any 2-3 year old and is designed to get them thinking.

preview of inside vs outside activitiy
Preview of Inside Vs. Outside Activity

How to Use:

Click the download button above, then print both sheets and cut out each of the little object pictures. Then tell your toddler to separate the objects that are found inside from the objects that are found outside.

Added Learning Opportunities:

  • Especially if your child is a bit younger and still learning words, encourage them to identify the name of the object they pick up.
  • Ask them the color of the object they pick up.
  • After separating the objects have them count how many are in each square.

Feed the Hungry Animals – Counting Activity

This is a great activity with a variety of learning opportunities depending on your child’s age.

preview of feed the hungry animals activitiy
Preview of Feed the Hungry Animals Activity

How to Use:

Click the download button above, then print both sheets and cut out the little food pictures (there are 10 for each animal), and cut out the extra number squares.

Have your child place the correct type of food with the correct animal. If they are learning numbers you can ask them to place the correct quantity of food with the correct animal. Use the additional number squares to change the numbers as you play.

Added Learning Opportunities:

You can really tailor this activity to meet your child’s skill level, here are some ideas.

  • Ask your child to name each animal.
  • Without reading it to them, see if your child can match the correct food with the correct animal.
  • Have your child say the color of each animal and object.
  • See if your child can identify the first letter of each animal and object.
  • Use the numbers to practice counting.

Identifying Fruits Vs. Vegetables

This is a great activity to help your child learn about different fruits and vegetables and learn which one fits into the proper category.

preview of fruits vs vegetables activity
Preview of Identifying Fruits Vs. Vegetables

How to Use:

Click download above then print each sheet and cut out the fruit and vegetable pictures. Tell your child which box is for fruit and which is for vegetables and have them separate the pictures.

Added Learning Opportunities:

This game is simple but it opens the door to some great conversation and added thinking.

  • Have your child name each fruit and vegetable image they pick up.
  • Ask your child what color the fruit or vegetable is.
  • Discuss which letters are in each word.
  • Talk about their favorite fruits and vegetables or which ones they have never tried, then take them on a field trip to the grocery store to pick them out.
  • For a bonus game, ask your child to categorize them by color.
  • Ask if they can think of any fruit or vegetables not pictured and which box it would go in.

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