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Trying Gluten Free Snacks from Amazon (VIDEO)

Did you know Amazon has a great selection of Gluten Free Snacks? Enjoy this video where my 1 year old daughter, Ivy, and I try gluten free snacks from Amazon. Find out the good and not so good snacks in our Amazon Gluten Free Haul.

If you’re not a fan of spoilers (and who is) make sure you enjoy the video before reading the blog post. Watch as my silly one-year-old and I try some unique gluten free snacks from Amazon.

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Ancient Grains Ka-Pop! Variety Pack

These sorghum flour pop snacks are so delicious. In the video, I tested both the dairy free cheddar and rosemary garlic flavors. I loved how easy it was to find such a tasty gluten free snack on Amazon.

gluten free snack from amazon ka-pop

FreeYumm Allergen Free Granola Bars

These bars are strong in honey flavor and have a really tasty texture from the oatmeal. I don’t want to give too much away though, so watch the video above to see what I really think of these gluten free granola bars.

Amsterdam Gluten Free Stroopwafel

This gluten free snack was the whole reason I wanted to do an Amazon haul. I’ve been eyeing these gluten free stroopwafels for a while and I’m happy I finally pulled the trigger. If you want a delicious allergy-free stroopwafel, this Amazon snack is for you.

gluten free stroopwafel from amazon haul

Skinny Crisps Plain Jane Gluten Free Crackers

These crackers are free of it all, low carb, gluten free, vegan, soy free, and so on. And with all that, they’re still quite tasty. In my video, you’ll see a good close up of these crackers’ unique texture.

Monkeys Baked Snack

I had no clue what to expect with this gluten free snack I found on Amazon. I didn’t even know if they’d be sweet or savory. I was delighted with the mild taste and pleasant texture.

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