10 Gluten + Dairy Free Trader Joe’s Frozen Items You NEED to Try!

Here’s a quick list of 10 Gluten and Dairy Free Items you can (hopefully) find in your Trader Joe’s Frozen Foods section. Find out my favorite dairy free and gluten free Trader Joe’s items.

It’s that time again, here’s another one of my favorites list! I love creating lists like this just to give you guys some more ideas of favorite gluten free and/or dairy free foods at restaurants and stores.


I recently stocked up at Trader Joe’s and was reminded of some amazing TV dinners they have. Honestly, I normally try to make most of our meals from scratch. We’re on a tight food budget and homemade is the best way to save. But my husband just broke his foot, so I have a bit more work around here. If I can make my life a little easier with some DELICIOUS gluten free and dairy free foods from Trader Joe’s, then I’m all about it.

This list is not meant to be an all-inclusive mega-list of all things gluten free and dairy free at Trader Joe’s. It’s just a quick list of some of my all-time gluten and dairy free favorites and some new finds that I’ve been loving.

10 Gluten Free + Dairy Free Trader Joe’s Frozen Products to Try

As I said above, this is just a quick list of some of my favorite gluten free and dairy free foods found in the frozen section of Trader Joe’s. I’m sure there’s a lot I didn’t mention here.

LEAVE A COMMENT: To give people even more ideas please leave 2 of YOUR favorite gluten free and dairy free frozen foods you like to buy at Trader Joe’s in the comments below.

Friendly disclaimer: Ingredients can change (I’ve had it happen to me with their “Gone Bananas”). Please always make sure to check the ingredients prior to purchasing if you have allergies or celiac. Also, be aware cross-contamination can occur even if an item has gluten or dairy free ingredients. Be sure to read the label thoroughly and then decide what’s best for you based on your body and your doctor’s recommendations.

CROSS CONTAMINATION WARNING: Not all of these are labeled Gluten free and some of them do have may contain warnings for dairy. We all have different needs though so please just take the time to read labels while in the store and then make the decision that’s right for your body. If you live far from a Trader Joe’s and need to know what the label says I suggest calling prior to visiting.

1. Vegetable Panang Curry


This is one of my FAVORITE dairy free Trader Joe’s frozen meals. It’s got an amazing creamy coconut flavor. It is spicy but when you combine it with the rice it’s just perfect. And of course, it’s naturally gluten free too.

2. Cauliflower Gnocchi


Obviously everyone is obsessed with the Trader Joe’s gluten free cauliflower gnocchi. I see it all over Instagram. And with good reason. It’s delicious and so versatile!

3. Chocolate Coconut Milk Ice Cream


I don’t buy this dairy free ice cream often because usually, I want a more interesting flavor. But if you’re a plain chocolate fan this is a MUST try. It’s so incredibly creamy and comes at a great price tag.

4. Gluten Free Chicken Breast Nuggets


I don’t know how they make the breading on these gluten free frozen nuggets at Trader Joe’s, but it’s so good! It has a really unique crunchiness.

5. Black Bean and Corn Enchiladas


This is a new find for me and it’s awesome! It reminds me of Amy’s Kitchen Black Bean and Vegetable Enchilada. Very similar vibe.

6. Mini Chicken Tacos


Maybe this one is my all-time favorite? It’s hard to choose! But I do buy these the most. These gluten free frozen mini chicken tacos at Trader Joe’s are awesome. Just a heads up, they also have a beef one but those are NOT dairy free.

7. Gluten Free Toaster Waffles

Yum, these are just an easy grab in the Trader Joe’s freezer section and so tasty. Normally I prefer to make my own gluten free waffles. Now and then I want an easy option though and these are inexpensive, soft, and tasty.

8. Cauliflower Pizza Crust


Ok guys, don’t worry about the fact that this is gluten free and contains vegetables. The taste and texture of this crust are awesome. Yes, it’s very different from a regular pizza crust. But it’s ok to be different. It’s ok to change things up now and then. Give it a try, you’ll thank me!

9. Cod Provencale


Dare I say, this TV Dinner is delectable? Yes, I do. It’s scrumptious. Full of flavor. Surprisingly delicious cod. A great frozen meal from Trader Joe’s that’s naturally gluten and dairy free.

10. Chili Lime Chicken Burgers + Plain Turkey Burgers


Ok, you’re kind of getting a bonus product favorite with this one. But I had to mention them both. The chicken lime burgers are amazing. They always seem to come out super tender. And they’re full of great flavor. They do cost a little bit more than the plain turkey burgers though. So normally, I buy the turkey burgers. And they’re great to have on hand when we have a busy day and just need an easy meal. Both are awesome and worth trying!

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